Driving license(Bike) in Nepal

If you are a genuine candidate trying to get a driving license in Nepal, Lalitpur particularly, I am sure you know what you are up to. Let me phrase it anyway, HORROR ! . Lalitpur Yatayat is perhaps the most unmanaged and unsystematic institution there can be. Getting a driving license is a nightmare.

In this post, I will try to give you some insights that may help you a little and make your time a bit easier.

So, let me begin with how you should begin –

  • If you have some spare time, I highly recommend you to go to Yatayat any day before applying and get the form and tickets from the official counter. Try to fill up the form yourself rather than with dalals, its easy and you will be saving yourself a lunch money.
  • You can fill the form in EITHER ENGLISH OR NEPALI, is makes no matter as long as you are consistent.
  • Use all caps if you write in English in order to minimize errors

Although there is space for 3 photos, only one at the bottom is required since your picture would be taken via webcam at the time of registration.

  • First step is you have to submit the form, to the medicals and pay receipts
  • This is THE most difficult day
  • The form submission process starts from “6:15 AM” so make sure you are early
  • Actually, make sure you are very early! Some desperate people are in line from 9 PM from the day before. But don’t get discouraged, being there at 3-4 AM almost guarantees token for you to start the process.
  • You may, however, sometimes not get token in even as early as 4 if there are leftover candidates from day before.
  • Token is written in form and is according to line you are on, so make sure you stay in the line.
  • Wait in line. The staff takes break from 10AM to 10:45 AM, so you may take a break as well. But make sure that you don’t lose your line, so have someone reserve for you.
  • AT YOUR OWN RISK !!! TOKEN no. on form are not followed, hence if you can you may break into line.

Although not a formal procedure, I recommend that you buy tickets for blood test and medical while you are waiting in que. It will save hassles later on. Also, blood test report is not mandatory, but you should know your blood type and also must buy the coupon.

  • This is perhaps the easiest part, but is tricky.
  • Since amendment in license act, one can appear for 3 trails but only 1 written per application, making written exam very important
  • “Likhit” has 2 short answer and 18 multiple choice question.
  • You should get 10 multiple choice correct to pass
  • Both the short answers are mandatory to attempt, however 9.5 in 18(9 is marks for each question) is pass.
  • The duration is approximately 30 minutes, (starting from the time you are instructed)
  • You are expected to be in line from 7 AM, but as long as there is line, you will not miss the registration.
  • 9 AM would be a safe margin for being late, over 9 AM maybe too late
  • Result may be posted in website http://www.dotm.gov.np/bagmati-license/license-result, will be posted in YataYat and also in Min Bhawan where you will be taking your trail test.
  • If you are confident, head to trail location tomorrow directly and check your number there.
  • Circle around 8, traffic light , high road , turning , “ukalo” and “oralo” and bumps
  • Your skills in bike is the most important
  • Line are usually up to 10 AM, and within 3 hours of registration you will be in the trails
  • Super Splender is the bike, make sure you have hang of it !
  • If you fail, you can have second change after 6 days. You HAVE to register after 6 days or will have to wait next 2 months.
  • Its intimidating at start, try to stay focused and relaxed.

After passing the trail you are done! Just go to Lalitpur Yatayat the next day and pay “rajyaswa” of Rs 1700 WITHIN 7 days. You will get the bill which is equivalent to license. You will also be told the date your license card will be distributed.

Good Luck !


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